Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is a marriage of performance management and risk management.

It helps your team (whether that’s 5 people or 50,000) deliver more consistent and predictable bottom line results over the long term. This applies equally to any team that needs to deliver results … a winning score, higher profits, or delivering charitable services more effectively.

Whatever success means to your team, Opportunity Management can help them plan it and deliver it.

The Opportunity Management Framework

The Opportunity Management Framework is the outgrowth of a very practical and intentional approach to managing risks. It incorporates the beneficial impact of risk management into your organization’s unique performance culture. Its impact is FAR reaching, teaching your entire team to:

  • Focus on the organization’s most important strategies. After all, these are the ones that will most impact your bottom line success – and where uncertainty could do the most damage,
  • Align activities at each level of the organization so that everyone understands how their decisions, actions, and results are directly impacting higher level goals and strategies, and
  • Respond early when strategies and activities, at any level of the organization, are unlikely to deliver expected results.

A Framework, not just a Philosophy

Opportunity Management is much more than just a philosophy. It is the playbook that your team uses every day to develop strategies, assign goals, recognize uncertainty, respond to uncertainty and record results. It shapes and strengthens your overall performance culture. It is designed to allow your team to ACT because it is:

  • Adaptable to your unique mission and vision,
  • Comprehensive so that everyone can apply it, and
  • Teachable to everyone on your team

OM contributes to long term success by recognizing that circumstances can change. Even the best plans may not remain optimal over time. OM provides your team with an embedded road map to identify problems before they become critical. This allows the team to make the necessary mid-course corrections to get everything back on track.

To learn more about how OM can help you lead your team to deliver stronger results, go to the Opportunity Management web site  where OM is described in more detail.


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