Getting started

My name is Charles D. Schrock. My friends know me as “Bud”. Everything I say here is strictly my own personal thoughts and opinions. These are not necessarily endorsed by my employer or anyone else.

I have been an internal audit and risk management professional since I left my ‘mandatory’ post-college  public accounting stint in 1979. Virtually all of my career has been in the commercial banking sector. I started with a fabulous banking group in suburban Chicago where I  worked alongside extremely smart and successful entrepreneurs (our owners and executive leadership team). As Director of Internal Audit I saw that  managing risk (not necessarily “ERM”) is something that successful leaders do. Unfortunately, all these years later, risk management is still a poorly understood concept that is much beloved by big consultants looking for ever bigger consulting fees. That doesn’t need to be the case.

I will be writing about risk management, entrepreneurship, internal audit, and management practices. My goal is to help make these concepts accessible to other entrepreneurs.

I’m not sure yet exactly what direction this blog will take. I hope to periodically comment on current events relating to internal audit or risk management. However, knowing myself reasonably well, I often get so immersed in my day job that it may take some weeks before my next blog post. During those weeks something significant may have slipped by me. So, please don’t count on me to summarize the important risk management events of the day.

Thanks. Stay tuned.